About Us

Chhaya Prakashani evokes feelings of trust that has matured over the years. For more than 20 years we have been delivering quality textbooks. The world has changed much since Chhaya Prakashani was established, yet our customers, students and teachers still have the same needs, quality and affordability.

Teachers, students and parents remain at our heart in everything we do. Our success is measured not by how many books we sell but by the amount of feedback we receive from our readers.

At a glance
  • Chhaya Prakashani is the largest publisher in terms of reach in eastern India.
  • Our books are read even in remote villages.
  • Our authors and editors are committed towards constant improvement of our books.
  • Chhaya remains committed to producing engaging content for students.
  • Chhaya's aim is the intellectual development of all students..

our team

Sumit Biswas - CEO
Sumit Biswas
Shalini Biswas - Director
Shalini Biswas
Pijush Kanti Maiti - Editor-in-Chief
Pijush Kanti Maiti
Debabrata Maity - VP
Debabrata Maity
Sutanu Ghosh - AVP (Ops)
Sutanu Ghosh
AVP (Ops)
Tapan Mullick - Marketing Head
Tapan Mullick
Marketing Head
Tarun Dey - General Manager
Tarun Dey
General Manager
Pronobesh Saha - Production Head
Pronobesh Saha
Production Head
Ajatasatru Mitra - HR & Rights
Ajatasatru Mitra
HR & Rights
Sujoy Ghosh - Graphic Design-Admin
Sujoy Ghosh
Graphic Design-Admin
Suprabhat Dutta - Graphic Design – Head
Suprabhat Dutta
Graphic Design – Head
Uttam Dutta - Director - Desktop Publishing
Uttam Dutta
Director - Desktop Publishing
Manoj Dutta - Compose – Head
Manoj Dutta
Compose – Head

why choose us

Chhaya Prakashani Pvt. Ltd. is a student's friend and a faithful companion. If you are a student, and looking for a dependable study partner, someone who will stay by you in your trying and testing times, then look no further than us.

our standards

The books we publish, and the content within, have been created, checked, and re-checked with single-mindedness devotion to quality. We do this so that you can confidently aim for high grades with Chhaya's support. In spite of this, if anyone points out even a small error in any of our books, we begin our checking all over again. Actually, our standards are not fixed but inching higher each day.