Face Off!

Are you afraid of your Maths teacher? That grumpy-looking gentleman who looks ready to pounce on you if you get even one formula wrong? Would you rather interact with the friendly-looking English teacher? Do you remember how villains in stories are often described as ‘thin-lipped’? Have you noticed that someone with a broad forehead is automatically assumed to be intelligent? Read More

Arts and Man

“Arts or Science?” “Science, of course!”

“What job would you get if you studied the arts? Except for a career in education and maybe, the media, what options would you have?”

“I am not dumb – why one earth would I want to study Humanities?”

“Studying Humanities is completely impractical – there is no application to everyday life!”


All of us must have heard such views at some time or the other. A few of us may even be holding the same views as well. And those of us who don’t may have had a tough time making people around us appreciate, value and support our interest in a Humanities education.

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