Learning a Language

To learn a language

How do we learn a new language?

Through grammar? reading? repetition (speaking)? playing the shadow game? watching movies?

How do we grasp its nuances?

Do we talk to a native speaker? Do we copy other native speakers through movies or television?

Different people form different opinions on this matter, unfortunately the complication doesn’t quite end there. A learner isn’t the only variant in the equation of language learning, the target language itself is a huge variant for picking the ‘correct’ language learning method.

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Colors and Personality

What is your usual reply when a friend asks you what you are going to wear for a party? Is it “Of course, black!” or “Something in light pink or blue, maybe?” Another common conversation often goes like this: “Mom! Why can’t I wear black now?” and the answer is, “Because you should avoid wearing black or dark colours in the morning especially during summers.”

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