The best of times or the worst of times?


Durga has spoken!

What has been touted as ‘The tallest Durga in the world’ has been brought down to size on Maha Panchami, leaving all, except possibly, the organizers, liberally red-faced. A stampede occurred (described by the media as ‘a near-stampede’—what is the difference, we wonder?) that injured many, including women and children, which could have proved fatal, and which exposed the massive inadequacies, incompetence and insensibility of those appointed for the purpose of ‘crowd control.’ Apart from what is euphemistically called ‘the blame game’ it was impossible to find even a word of sympathy for the victims of callousness/carelessness, whichever word suits the vacuum of apathy. Can we expect doles for these victims also from the Government or from the organizers who still hope for the police to rescind their withdrawal of permission to hold the Puja? Did the organizers wish to revert to worship, or to milk the commercial rewards resulting from the multitudes visiting the various stalls offering food, drink and other items of merchandise. Well, the Goddess willed otherwise. And, as usual, it is the underlings who will eventually bear the brunt of the higher-ups. After proper ‘enquiry’.

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Going Abroad for Studies

Studying Abroad

The sweet music sounded by the Pied Pipers of foreign universities attracts hordes of Indian students towards the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This exodus to foreign shores for the purpose of education is no doubt good, but, what is the percentage of those who return to serve their homeland, India? The Hon’ble Prime Minister optimistically refers to it as ‘Brain Gain.’ It will be interesting to see if his optimism is rewarded.

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Cell phones – Boon or Bane?


Look around you. Chances are that three out of four persons will be glued to their cell phones. Pacing corridors, treading footpaths, in public transport, parks and public spaces – they are all over the place. Whispered conversations by the youth give us an inkling of the person at the other end.Loud conversations, which at times seem like a major battle going on makes you wonder why they are using a phone at all. Possibly, the person called will hear them without the use of the instrument. WhatsApping has added another dimension, and communication has never been so easy for the transfer of data, music, pictures and videos. But beware. “Walk and Talk” has taken a toll of many lives. Become aware of your surroundings and of traffic. Use your phone by all means, but use it intelligently. It can be a boon instead of a bane.

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