DEEPAVALI – Embodiment of Light, Love and Ideal Grace in the form of the Golden Goddess Lakshmi


Deepavali—Beacons of Hope

No imported lights can vie with the beauty of the traditional diyas lighted on Deepavali. Deepavali, a Sanskrit word, is the conjunction of the words deepa meaning light and aavali, meaning arrays. It can be construed that Deepavali is a festival consisting of arrays of lights, and that is as it should be. Every home should sparkle with the radiant hues of deepas or lamps, in order to welcome Goddess Lakshmi (who is the goddess of prosperity). It is believed that the Goddess enters and bestows wealth upon the homes that are most welcoming and brightest, and hence efforts are made days in advance to scour and burnish homes.

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Hey diddle, – their price tags are a fiddle

Yes, we have malls. We have huge, glittering and perfumed malls. We have branded stuff, imported stuff, well-stocked shelves, fountains, food courts, etc. We have well-dressed salesmen and saleswomen. We have the ‘glitterati’ and the well-heeled frequenting these malls, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the merchandise on offer. We have the jeans with huge, threadbare gashes that are so in vogue and command a huge price, which leave the common man wondering why anyone in their right senses would pay through the nose for torn clothes of the kind that mothers would love to exchange with the bartanwali for a steel utensil. But then, there is no accounting for the herd mentality, and to differ from the herd is unthinkable. (“They are soooooo middle-class!”). You will find clothes with labels of this, that or the other House of Fashion. The same could possibly be located in any pavement stall at a fraction of the price. But, of course, you will be told that “this is branded and so, so cheap”! Also, look for the 95% who are mere window-shoppers here and who eventually gravitate sheepishly towards the vegetable and perishables section because the ‘offers’ in the other section are way beyond their budget.

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Page 3 in most newspapers are full of images and articles about film stars and celebrities observing Karva Chauth, and now that Diwali is almost here we will be inundated with even more images and articles on how these favored ones will celebrate the festival with their near and dear ones.

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