While every word and act and thought
Betrays an atmosphere so fraught
With lack of common sense and lore,
We plead for some almighty power
To save from such our precious youth.
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Provided you are one of the lucky ones who are able to locate a so-called craftsman to get any job done ‘professionally’, then it is a 100 to 1 wager that at the end of the ‘work’ you would find yourself resembling the person in the above image, because, in the present day and age you are expected to accept unquestioningly the third-rate end-product presented to you. Ham-handedness, high-handedness, extreme ineptitude, rudeness and an unspoken superior air of “Don’t teach me my work. I know better than you” would most probably assail you if you deigned to so much as criticize the shoddiness of the end-product. ‘Take it or leave it’ is the attitude. Of course, you have to take it, and to pay for the job as well. Pay up and smile, or else…

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Trembling State of Affairs

Shaken and stirred, Kolkata did not experience an earthquake on 4 January 2016. No earthquake was recorded on the two digital seismographs in Alipur Met. Dept. If you were bounced out of your slumber then your first impressions would have been correct that your partner, siblings or children had tossed and turned causing the bed to shudder violently.
For the record, it has to be pointed out here that both the digital seismographs in Alipur were not working (for heaven only knows how long), and the usual explanations/excuses were trotted out: technical/technicians’ delays, this, that or the other reason the machines could not be fixed are supplied to the citizens. Being grateful for small mercies, we are expected to wait indefinitely until all the stops are put in place and we can get information. We are, of course, the ruminating cattle to be ignored, for why do we need information that is the prerogative of those who matter?

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