Apex Court breathes life into Euthanasia debate

Saying that “keeping a brain-dead patient alive on ventilator is torture,” the Bench sought the Centre’s response within a fortnight on the plea for legalizing ‘Living Will,’ in which a person, when in sound mind and good health, records his wish that he should not be kept alive on ventilators if doctors at any stage of his life opine that he cannot be kept alive without life support system. Brain-dead means dead, even if the heart is beating due to life-support systems. (Interestingly, one of the means to establish brain-death is by the Doll’s Eye movement where the eyes remain fixed when the head is turned from side to side.)
Euthanasia has been defined as the deliberate ending of life to relieve suffering. It is sometimes derisively called therapeutic homicide. Euthanasia is classified into four types.

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