Teacher’s Day

Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Dr. Radhakrishnan would, possibly, have been thrilled at this concept of a special day for students to honour all teachers. Unfortunately, the present teacher-student relationship is a very precarious one, sometimes erupting in violence towards the very persons they are supposed to honour. Gheraoing principals and teachers has become so common that it fails to ignite in us the horror and shame that such acts of indiscipline would normally have caused a few decades back.
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Learning a Language

To learn a language

How do we learn a new language?

Through grammar? reading? repetition (speaking)? playing the shadow game? watching movies?

How do we grasp its nuances?

Do we talk to a native speaker? Do we copy other native speakers through movies or television?

Different people form different opinions on this matter, unfortunately the complication doesn’t quite end there. A learner isn’t the only variant in the equation of language learning, the target language itself is a huge variant for picking the ‘correct’ language learning method.

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Colors and Personality

What is your usual reply when a friend asks you what you are going to wear for a party? Is it “Of course, black!” or “Something in light pink or blue, maybe?” Another common conversation often goes like this: “Mom! Why can’t I wear black now?” and the answer is, “Because you should avoid wearing black or dark colours in the morning especially during summers.”

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Just Dance

Just Folk Dance in India

Dance. That instinctive response to an elemental beat that every single one of us has felt at one time or the other. Be it the dhaaki’s frenzied drumming, that soulful Rabindrasangeet, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, or the latest Bollywood number, who among us has not wanted to just get up and dance?

April 29—International Dance Day—is a day when people all over the world look at dance and how it enhances our lives. Dance remains a part of the school curriculum for primary school children in almost all countries. Just Dance Education is known to have a range of benefits for primary school children, from teaching them communication through movement, improving balance and posture to enhancing multi-factor intelligence. Read More

Tips to Cope up with Exam Stress

Tips to reduce exam stress

Very often it happens that when exams start knocking at your doors you tend to panic. You tend to think about the terrible consequences if you do badly often triggering off situations like sleepless nights, restlessness, and loss of appetite. Exam Stress can even create negative impact on your studies. Here are some beneficial tips which will simply help you to chill out or deal with exam related stresses. Read More

The book story

Its ‘School time’- time for new classroom, new teachers and new friends. Its also time for new textbooks. As a student, I always had mixed emotions with text books. The sight and smell of a new book always brought a sense of renewal in me. It helped me overcome the vacation blues and look forward to my new class. There was a time when text books were the only source of knowledge for us.


Today, we have access to additional resource on the internet, which we may refer to build on a chapter or a concept written in the text book. New book formats like e-books and reading devices like Kindle have introduced new ways of reading. The convenience of navigation and instant cross reference is often looked at as a convenient way of reading books.  Now comes the big question. Are the days of traditional books numbered? What does the paper books offer that the modern inventions don’t? There is only one word that comes to my mind. Distraction. The lure of getting lost in a maze of hyperlinks has already been proven to be a major contributor to attention deficit in children and adults alike. The discipline of navigating a subject in a linear fashion is sometimes helpful in navigating through the progressive difficulty levels in a subject. In essence, if traditional textbooks and newer internet based knowledge resources , are used intelligently, students can benefit from the best of both worlds.