While every word and act and thought
Betrays an atmosphere so fraught
With lack of common sense and lore,
We plead for some almighty power
To save from such our precious youth.
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Provided you are one of the lucky ones who are able to locate a so-called craftsman to get any job done ‘professionally’, then it is a 100 to 1 wager that at the end of the ‘work’ you would find yourself resembling the person in the above image, because, in the present day and age you are expected to accept unquestioningly the third-rate end-product presented to you. Ham-handedness, high-handedness, extreme ineptitude, rudeness and an unspoken superior air of “Don’t teach me my work. I know better than you” would most probably assail you if you deigned to so much as criticize the shoddiness of the end-product. ‘Take it or leave it’ is the attitude. Of course, you have to take it, and to pay for the job as well. Pay up and smile, or else…

The electrician’s dangling wires, tube lights tied with string without insertion into the grooves of holders, walls left stained by the soiled hands after ‘working,’ the welder’s torch leaving a knob of metal sticking out that can cause injury if one is not careful, grille gates not properly aligned and necessitating force in order to enable one to lock them, floors littered with shavings of whatever material is used in the ‘work’ (if there are nails scattered, then one has to clean up himself/herself, otherwise be prepared to have a couple or so impaled in the foot), and a host of other complaints too wide-ranging to allow emphasis here.
Roads, too, are not spared. Cobblestones on the footpath appear to have been laid with the express intention of tripping the unwary, and you are required to look down at the pathway instead of at the oncoming traffic. If you reach your destination unscathed and unharmed, then it is by God’s grace. To make it worse, roadside stalls wash their utensils on the footpaths and the slush is overturned from large tubs. If you care to tread on those slippery paths, do so at your own risk. Uncovered manholes with ne’er a Caution sign are open invitations to murky death. Could this be a covert way to control the population?
And the shocking and bitter truth is that nobody cares. Work culture has deteriorated almost to the point of no return. No effort is made to upgrade knowledge or services of the skill peddled. After making an entrance into the trade, whether by design or accident, the worker/mechanic/craftsman, or whatever the name he goes by, is quite content to wallow in his smug mediocrity. He will endlessly argue why something can’t be done instead of how it can be done. Efforts to educate him otherwise are rudely rebuffed and leave you shaking with disgust if not exactly tearing out your hair in exasperation.
If not rectified as soon as possible, this attitude and degeneration of work ethics may well filter down to future generations and nullify and demean the catch-phrase, “Make in India”, so earnestly sounded by our Prime Minister to attract investment to India. Our Prime Minister wants progress. Let us help him.

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