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Chhaya publishes books and reference material for students from classes 1 to 12 of all local education boards.

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Chhaya publishes books and reference material for college students.

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Chhaya's career helpers have been acclaimed by college students and others who prepare for competitive examinations.

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Chhaya offers a wide range of children's books specially for pre-school and primary school kids.

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Chhaya empowers learning and offers quality books to all learners. Chhaya Prakashani is your trusted source for outstanding books. Explore our catalogue to see our range of textbooks, career development books and children’s books.

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New Releases

Descriptive English Challenger Descriptive English Challenger

● Section-wise systematically compiled and or ...

বুক অফ নলেজ বুক অফ নলেজ

Vol 1
● জানার কোনো শেষ ন ...

ছোটা ভীম — ডলফিনের বিপদ ছোটা ভীম — ডলফিনের বিপদ

Vol 37
Chhota Bheem and his companions become friends ...

ছোটা ভীম — মহানায়ক ছোটা ভীম — মহানায়ক

Vol 36
Chhota Bheem and Raju receive a boon from Dhuni ...

ছোটা ভীম — যেমন খুশি ছোটোবড়ো ছোটা ভীম — যেমন খুশি ছোটোবড়ো

Vol 35
Chasing a falling kite Kaliya and friends end u ...

Business Mathematics & Statistics Business Mathematics & Statistics

List of important formulas and results at the b ...


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