About Us

Chhaya Prakashani has been publishing school and college books for more than 25 years. Our school books span K-12 in nearly all subjects offered in schools in West Bengal and Tripura. Our books adhere to the current syllabus and offer to learn support to students in the best possible manner. The language is simple and clear; illustrations and diagrams help the student to grasp the matter easily; design and graphics make our books more student-friendly and appealing.

All our books go through checks by our team of editors before being printed. Our goal is to provide error-free books to students at affordable prices. To accompany our books, Chhaya App provides supporting material that is not given in the printed books. It is completely free, available on The Google Play store, and contains additional theory, problems, exercises, solutions and test papers.

We love feedback from our community of students, teachers and authors. Our Facebook page is where we post news about ourselves. We welcome all of you to browse through our website, visit and like our social media pages and to participate in our endeavors to support learning and make better books.