Easy Reading, Vol-3

Author : Gina Kim, Sean P. Dudley

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  • READING: Each lesson begins with Short Story to be read, first by the teacher with the students listening. This gives students an opportunity to see and hear any new word they may not know how to pronounce.
  • FILL IN THE BLANKS: Four words of Word Box are selected from each story to help increase the students’ vocabulary and understanding of those words.
  • WHAT’S THE MAIN IDEA: This section is set up for the students to determine what the Main idea of the story is.
  • COMPREHENSION CHECKUP: Several Reading Questions are listed with the answers in multiple choice format. The Questions are meant to reconsider the short stories and acquire a deeper understanding.
  • WRITE IT: This is section set up to be a little more fun where the students Match Words to corresponding pictures.
  • EXERCISE: The exercise provide the learners with additional practice on what they have learnt and the opportunity to strengthen their grammar.


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